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Inspiring the Love of Music
sLs Japan Orchestra 交響楽団 東京 青少年オーケストラ - Tokyo Youth Orchestra

An introduction to string orchestra

The first of its kind music ensemble class offered by sLs .
This course is the first step of learning to play with another musician.

Through a variety of group performances, the program enables students to be exposed to music during early age and makes music learning more inspiring and interesting.

Before commencement of course, our music instructor will conduct assessments for each and every student in order to pair-up students with similar interests and personality. (can be two violin students
or a violin and a cello or a violin and a viola student. )

Individual groups will then be formed for tailor-made training. Students will participate in public performances to build experience in playing ensemble music.

A complete piece of music to be performed after the course (Advanced training will be arranged subject to student’s learning progress)

String Explorer Class

String Explorer Class
(Violin, Cello, Viola)

“String Explorer” is introduced with an aim to provide foundation training from the beginning of the music learning journey.

The course would be taught by three phases:

  • Basic music knowledge

  • Instruments audition; and

  • Professional assessment. 

Through different stages of training, students can gain in-depth understanding of the characteristics and performance skills of different string  instruments.

To be conducted by instructors from different disciplines with post-training assessment provided.
(Violin, Cello, Viola)

String explorer class is private lessons for string instruments.  one on one with theory and practical to prepare for ensemble training in the future.
The main focus is to join ensemble training in the future. 

All students joining the string explorer class are encouraged to join the ensemble training course in the future.
For students to participate in ensemble training courses, they must attend lessons regularly and practice diligently. 
All students will be assessed by our instructors before joining the ensemble training course.

The normal conventional private lessons from other music schools/academies are usually not focusing on joining string ensemble, mainly just preparing exams or for leisure. If a student would like to join the conventional private lessons only, we do offer the courses as well.

sLs Japan Orchestra 管弦楽団 ~ 東京 青少年オーケストラ - Tokyo Youth Orchestra

Instrumental Courses

Other individual and group instrumental courses, including piano, strings, music theory and Advanced training are also provided for ABRSM exams and related diploma exams. Please contact sLs Japan for enquiries. 
All lessons can be conducted in Japanese or English

Piano, Violin, Cello, Viola ,
Music Theory, Aural, Accompaniment

String Quartet

Kids/ Youth/ Adults Ensemble training

sLs Japan Orchestra aims to create a fun and sociable atmosphere that encourages kids/youth/adults to learn and make music as a group. Students who can demonstrate basic playing skills on musical instruments may apply for the Ensemble. It offers an opportunity of group music making as well as intensive training in ensemble playing.

This course is the next step after the introduction course to string orchestra.
At least 4 students and above.  exp 3 violin students and a cello student or 
two violins, a viola and a cello. If needed, we can accommodate more students.

The String Ensemble provides young violinists, violists, and cellists  with the opportunity to come together to perform in a string orchestra as well as in a chamber group. Students’ learning in the String Ensemble will sharpen their musical skills as well as expand their music repertoire. They will develop the values of responsibility and resilience through this music making experience in an ensemble. Through the String Ensemble experience, students will learn the importance of teamwork in order to achieve the best performance.  Adult Learners are welcome to join

All interested parties are welcomed. Interviews would be required for enrollment.

All sLs instructors are graduated from renowned music universities in Japan and overseas, who possess extensive experience in teaching, orchestra and chamber music performance both locally and overseas.

Please visit our instructors profile.

piano concerto
sLs Japan Orchestra Piano Concerto Course - ピアノ協奏曲コース

Piano Concerto Course

sLs Japan Orchestra proudly presents the Piano Concerto course, a course of study designed for the highly dedicated student ( Minimum requirement Grade 6 and above ). The Classical Piano Concerto course is separate from the regular graded level piano lessons.The course requires the performance of a movement or movements of a Piano Concerto. There is no technical work component. The orchestral part may be played either by string ensemble or second piano. Course can be conducted in Japanese or English.

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