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Piano Concerto Course

Churen Li - sLs Artists - sLs Japan Orch
Nanaha - sLs Artists - sLs Japan Orchest
10 years old AyseDeniz - Performing Mozart concerto .

sLs Japan Orchestra proudly presents the Piano Concerto course, a course of study designed for the highly dedicated student ( Minimum requirement Grade 6 and above ). The Classical Piano Concerto course is separate from the regular graded level piano lessons. The course requires the performance of a movement or movements of a Piano Concerto. There is no technical work component. The orchestral part may be played either by string ensemble or second piano. Course can be conducted in Japanese or English

What is a concerto? Since the 17th century, the concerto has been one of the most popular genres of classical music, combining the virtuosity of a soloist with the glorious power of an orchestra. This course aims to enhance your understanding and appreciation of great concertos, by guiding you through the structure and experience of the genre, and familiarising you with its history and development. We will learn and listen to music by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Schubert.

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